The NRA has the Solution!

The NRA is not run by bunch of greasy sociopaths pimping for death.The executives at NRA are caring, responsible people devoted to freedom and keeping your family safe!


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the Art of Dying

Think about death much?

Think about your own, like maybe
what your coffin might look like?

Most people are a little squeamish about such
things, but in Poland there are people doing
something about it!

"Lindner is one of the leading coffin producer
in Europe. The Lindner Calendar has been very popular for many years.
Is it controversial? It certainly is.
Do ordinary coffins match to naked girls?
No, but Lindner coffins definitely do –
quality, beautiful ornaments, modern design.

The Calendar 2013 can be ordered on this website.
The whole income from the calendar's sale is given
to the charity.
The coffin producer is the patron of art
of the „Ptaszarnia” project made by
the Community Center in WÄ…growiec.

The calendar can be ordered by filling the form.


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Another one bites the dust...

it's a sad day for junk food connoisseurs...

and perhaps another telling comment
       on the cultural decline of America.

as of this week, there will be no more Twinkies.

no more Hostess cupcakes...

no more Ding Dongs...

no mo' Ho Hos...

and no more Sno Balls...

it's hasta la vista, Hostess treats.

these links may help you deal with this terrible situation:

Hostess liquidation expected to draw hungry buyers

How to stockpile Twinkies

Twinkie Recipe


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Odd Creepy and beyond...

there's a lot of weird stuff on the net. duh.
of all the odd things i have seen lately,
these stuck...

unusually creative as wedding photography goes.

did Gilligan know? the professor?

so this hustle has been around since when?

W     T       F   ?

if i had a car....

the Beatles don't have one. U2 doesn't have one. only Elvis.

wool? gay? who knew?

there's also a lot of stuff on the net
that is straight up creepy. duh too.

but like the odd, the creepy stuff
has something to say

about what's going on
and how it got that way.


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Terror, Death and stuff

fear is the flavour of the year these days.
i don't get it. we're all going to die.
get used to it. or don't. whatever.

but stop being afraid all the time!

seriously. people who are scared make bad decisions,
including electing people who then make them more scared.
laughing at it all is way better.
so is laughing at yourself.



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Funny Business

i'm not much on communications theory anymore.
i hardly know my semiotics from probiotics
and i couldn't situate a discourse
if my life depended on it.

but this particular evolution
means some thing(s)...


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