The View from the Hill 21 Feb 09

the nights grow shorter
and the days grow warmer.
Spring is singing
on the verge
of getting it on...

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Great Canadian Cities

Here's the fifth in our series
of Great Canadian Cities...


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The writing off the wall

For all the talk there is in the world about writers, songwriters, screenwriters and such, it's rare that we see any actual writing. In public, a pen usually appears only when a signature is required and even among family and friends, it is rare to see "writing" beyond an occasional inscription in a birthday card or a gift tag.

The most writing many of us see might well be the legendary writing on the wall.

For the most part, we "read writing" as type- on a page or on a screen. It's easier (more efficient, time-effective, convenient, etc) to read and allows thoughts and ideas to be more widely shared... at least potentially.

The same can be said for typing, a la email, the net and texting. Thoughts and ideas are recorded and dispersed at amazing speed.

But something's lost when something's gained. I think type's ability to highlight the 'information' depends in part on stripping away most of the person communicating..

Here are some images of writing, by writers, in their own hand...

Kurt Vonnegut

John McCrae

John Lennon

I think it's a very different read. More intimate. More clues. More communication. It reminds me of the difference between talking to someone on the phone and talking to someone sitting across a table.

What about you?


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Here & there...

and the beat goes on ....


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Great Canadian Cities

Living out on the far side of a very wide country, country-style these days, I've been thinking about some of the places I've lived and visited over the last 10-20 years in the True North...

The results will be appearing here over the next while....



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New Horizons in Bad Attitudes!

And now a word from our sponsor... me.

I'm in the process of setting up an online mini-mall!

Sportswear, underwear, fridge-wear and other uber-cool lifestyle accessories to put a glide in your stride and smile on your face. Attitudes from bad to worse, timeless wisdom of the ages, and others as fresh as tomorrow's tim-bits, ready to enjoy, deploy and/or annoy as the case may be...

Feel free to drop by- we're open 24/7 and live 365. There's no heavy-breathing sales associates dogging your steps, no loud'n'lame, no-name mock-rock playing and no one will roll their eyes and sigh if you just want to look...

Who knows? You might find something that fits your personal lifestyle and/or expresses one of your own beliefs in personal freedom.

Or find that special something for someone you love... those anniversaries, birthdays and greeting card holidays are always just around the corner.

Maybe you need "some little thing" for someone you don't actually love... or even like much, but find yourself obligated to get a present for, and fast.

Here's just a few of our many designs

... but it's not all about (or by) me....in commerce as in life, the wisdom of elders will always have a home in my strip-mall!

Whatever the road that brings you to our Mall o' Merch, we hope you'll enjoy our fine products and return again and again...

We're always working on new products and designs - drop by anytime and as we say in the biz- "If you like it, tell you friends... and if you don't, just shut up, OK ?"

See you at the mall!



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