Odd Creepy and beyond...

there's a lot of weird stuff on the net. duh.
of all the odd things i have seen lately,
these stuck...

unusually creative as wedding photography goes.

did Gilligan know? the professor?

so this hustle has been around since when?

W     T       F   ?

if i had a car....

the Beatles don't have one. U2 doesn't have one. only Elvis.

wool? gay? who knew?

there's also a lot of stuff on the net
that is straight up creepy. duh too.

but like the odd, the creepy stuff
has something to say

about what's going on
and how it got that way.


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Terror, Death and stuff

fear is the flavour of the year these days.
i don't get it. we're all going to die.
get used to it. or don't. whatever.

but stop being afraid all the time!

seriously. people who are scared make bad decisions,
including electing people who then make them more scared.
laughing at it all is way better.
so is laughing at yourself.



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Funny Business

i'm not much on communications theory anymore.
i hardly know my semiotics from probiotics
and i couldn't situate a discourse
if my life depended on it.

but this particular evolution
means some thing(s)...


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Check your meds

recent misfires from my frontal lobes...
or lizard brain or somewhere up there/here/i'm shutting up now...


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MK Brown... genius of funny

a long time ago, there was a very funny magazine called the National Lampoon. don't confuse it
with what has been done under that brand for
the last twenty-odd years - this was a very funny
bunch of people.

one of the things that made it so funny
was the comics. NatLamp, as we used to
call it, was the deep end of comic art.

Picking up on the underground heritage
of Mr. Natural, the Furry Freak Brothers
and others, NatLamp was where some
of most hardcore, original men and women
hit it every month...

in with Shary Flenniken, Gahan Wilson, rodriguez
and other stars, in June of 1972 in the issue
with the big Nixon nose appeared
a new name- MK Brown.

even in a context of extreme orginality,
MK Brown was not and is not like the others.

MK Brown didn't do the cheap laughs
or the easy joke. There was no ca-ca
or poo-poo on display.
Sometimes i wouldn't even laugh when
i first read them. i'd just go "hmmmm....",
but i'd find myself returning to them,
sometimes to laugh, sometimes just for
the quality of the language and singular beauty
of her illustrations.

and then there's this one... which is still
one of my favourite comics of all time.

here's a couple more...

if she was a waffle, i'd spring for the maple syrup.
if she was for breakfast, i'd get up on time.
if i'd never heard of her, i'd check her out pronto!

you can find a whole bunch of her work here
- highly recommended!

and more here!


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Funky Food

My parents raised me to be "a good eater".
In part, this was necessity, as we were not
well to do when I was young. Meat loaf was
a big treat, and to this day there are parts
of a cow that can make me shudder.

But there were compensations too, like
home-baked bread because store-bought
was way too expensive.

In part, it was also to make us good guests.
We were taught that when you went to someone's
house for dinner, you ate whatever they served
you and said thank-you very much.

This accounts for my lack of patience with vegans
and the various kinds of vegetarians at large
in the world to this day.

That said, I am not sure I could have eaten many
of these funky foods and said "Thank-you very much" afterwards...


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Feel the Burn!

If you're walking down the streets
of your town one day
and you see one of these....



Because it's the Active Denial System, that's why...

And if you're anywhere up to 700 metres
in front of it, this machine can focus a
of 3.2mm wave electromagnetic radiation on you.

This beam can heat the water and fat molecules
of your skin, causing their temperature
to rise by up to 50C.

It's an all-pain, our gain way to clear the streets
of unsightly rabble with no messy clean-up
or lengthy post-mortems.
Under development for more than 15 years,
we are assured by both the manufacturers
and their current customers that
it's completely safe.

Today's proponents of electromagnetic crowd control techniques invoke essentially the same argument that psycho-chemical warfare boosters used in the 1950s:

Would you rather be zapped – or dosed –
by a nonlethal device or shot to death
by conventional firepower

That's freedom of choice.

Coming soon to a demonstration near you?
Time will tell...

the Weapon That's a Hot Topic

here's a review - with video - from a blog in Pakistan

where can you can get one?


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Marshall McLuhan - Electronic Prophet

We look at the present
through a rear-view mirror.
We march backwards
into the future.

Electric circuitry is Orientalizing the West.
The contained, the distinct, the separate -
our Western legacy-
are being replaced by the flowing,
the unified, the fused.

The story of modern America begins
with the discovery of the white man
by the Indians.

I think of art, at its most significant, as a DEW line,
a Distant Early Warning system that can always
relied on to tell the old culture what is beginning
to happen to it.

Art is anything you can get away with.

Historians and archaeologists will one day discover
that the ads of our time are the richest and most
faithful reflections that any society ever made
of its entire range of activities.

The new electronic independence
re-creates the world in the image
of a global village.

“The computer is the most extraordinary of man's technological clothing; it's an extension of our
central nervous system.

Beside it, the wheel is a mere hula-hoop.”

Politics offers yesterday’s answers
to today’s questions.

One of the effects of living with electric
information is that we live habitually
in a state of information overload.

There's always more than you can cope with.

I don't necessarily agree with everything I say.

The answers are always inside
the problem, not outside.

I wouldn't have seen it if I hadn't believed it.


Canada is the only country in the world
that knows how to live without an identity.

If the nineteenth century was the age
of the editorial chair, ours is the century
of the psychiatrist's couch.

Innumerable confusions and a feeling of despair
invariably emerge in periods of great technological
and cultural transition.

When you are on the phone or on the air,
you have no body.

In this electronic age we see ourselves being
translated more and more into the form of
information, moving toward the technological
extension of consciousness.

Today each of us lives several hundred years
in a decade.

If it works, it’s obsolete.

The nature of people demands that most of them
be engaged in the most frivolous possible activities— like making money.

The future of the book is the blurb.

A point of view can be a dangerous luxury
when substituted for insight and understanding.


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