the Fabulous 50s

for anybody who lived through them,
the 50s were not particularly fabulous.

but in retrospect, there does seem to be
a consensus that they looked fabulous.

it also seems to me that, looking back
from this brave new post-feminist millennium,
that they eroticized absolutely everything
around them...

lamps are sexy?
little banjos are kind of hot?

In-Sink-erators are a turn-on?

Barbasol? Gautier??

i have been to exactly one martini party in my life,
where i learned that martinis were actually the acid of the 50s...

so the Dali-esque surreality of the these next two
makes its' own sense of that time and that place...

i guess the 50s were "differently fabulous".

you can find awesome amounts
of this kind of fabulous
at this amazing site!



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