10 Things I Don't Need (at all)

as a yang to the yin of the immediately
previous post, and as a testament
to the fact that my life is not
an ongoing quest for more stuff...

here are 10 things i've come across
on that same journey down the info
freeway that i do not want...

liver salts? i believe my interior
as clean as i need it to be...

odd pants? no, thank-you...
not even at admittedly great price.

a jack-in-the-bra?
too super-creepy for me.

a nose re-maker?
i don't care if it's German, my nose is fine.

i don't have a jones for anything Kool-Aid related.

Doctor Pepper served hot?

Way beyond w.t.f.

No one wants this.


i don't care how sanitized they are...

and the last thing i need underfoot
is a rug rat trying to bum smokes all day.


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