as autumn leaves are turning....


have a new government
in Canada.

sort of.

were the results worth the costs?

well, PM Steve says the money was well spent.
i might have thought a few hundred million bucks
and how much of how many people's time
could have been put to better uses,
but he's in the position to really know, eh?

and it's finally less than a week til
the coronation in the US too. even the
most rabid TV politicos and their most
avid panelists seem to be tiring
of re-eating and regurgitating
the same entrails
of the same stories
over and over again.

now i can feel the dread coming on...
the standard 10 days of post-election
media tedia about what it all does
or doesn't mean (like the handful
of beltway boys and random radio
talk show hosts know...).

this, in its' turn, dissolving into about
two months about "just how stupid
is the economy?"...
cut with the traditional "live from the
mall" reports on whether or not
we the people are hitting our numbers,
vis-a-vis our VISA cards,
buying a sufficient amount
of whatever.

attention shoppers....
this is not a drill.

but enough autumnal grumbling.
here are some things that
made me laugh lately....

and here are a couple of things
i've contributed to the great flow
of ideas lately...

'nuff 4 now....
vayas con dios,

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Election Fever !

Six days til the election.

I feel a bit scared,

and kind of nauseous.

What upsets me most is the way he makes me feel ashamed of my country. Even Mulroney couldn't do that.

be excellent to each other....,


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New Demotivational posters

i think too much.
i talk too much.
i write too much.

blah, blah, blah...

blame it on bipolar, blame it on the meds,

blame it on the bossa nova, blame it on dessert.


the Despair format is something like a haiku to me-
an emphasis on word choice, rhythm and economy.

here are a few of my recent wild mood swings...
... hard-boiled down to bite-sized!



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East of Eden...

I was in Calgary recently...

It's a city I've been to a few times over the years
for meetings, for music and time with some very good friends...

... which is another way of saying that it's a place I know about first-hand,
and not only from mediated reports centering on the theme of "cowtown",
"cowboys", "flames", "stampede" and such...

even so, the latest oil patch boom times
there still amazed me...

... the money on show downtown....

i think on some meta-verbal level,
the great Stephen Harper Etc continuum
makes more sense to me now

I got a sense of how many people's
'living la vida whatever' is invested
in all this staying on the good foot...

these are office buildings,
but they are also....


after a couple of days, i felt like i was
living in a roomful of mirrors.

... i couldn't handle it. everywhere i looked
i saw reflections of the reflections
of reflections.

so i came home early.

as zen things go, the west coast one
just fits me better...


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