Cartoons can predict the future!

It was months and months ago just Stumbling around the web when I came across this cartoon by Tom Toles. The subject being one of many (many, many, many) pet peeves, it was great to see it set out so elegantly in the Washington Post.

I don't know if there was a specific incident that inspired him to draw this originally, but it certainly has a new je'n sais pas given recent events...


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escape from The Big Shiny!!!

the more time we spend on the island,
and the less time we spend in Vancouver,
the better i like it.

our escape from what i now call the Big Shiny
has been slow but steady, and is almost a fait

the best part of moving all our stuff around
has been the ferry rides....

good-bye Vancouver

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and speaking of trillions....

remember way back when, and those happy days when Nancy and Ronnie, her boy toy finger-puppet were styling up the White House?
there was dust in the wind, freebirds on the wing, freedom in our hair and the Gipper and his monkey gang set out to rewire America.
Milton Friedman rose to become pope of the New Church of Greed by leading the once-enslaved Market to freedom. Once the Market was free, so the legend foretold, benefits aplenty would trickle down, like a gentle rain from heaven, all over the rest of us.

well... that was the idea anyway... or at least the cover story.
alas, all good things including even the very best fairy tales, have to come to an end...

now, you can't hardly find a banker or a broker or an investor that isn't screaming blue bloody murder demanding that the goverment start interfering life crazy in the market , and not once upon a time but right now and backdate the cheque while you're at it.
they don't want just a little bit of interference, they want a full court press.
there's a new game in town...

i guess if nothing else, one has to tip the cap just a little to these boards and CEOs and CFOs and the rest who have translated both greed and privilege directly over to a bizarre new kind of socialism...

where banks get nationalized, and entire industries get big fat cheques... and the people who pay for it all get SFA while the ones who made it happen hold on to their stock options.

i find myself wondering what Marx or Trotsky might have said about this. i also find myself wondering what Henry Ford would say, or J.P. Morgan...


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this election is making me ill.

mostly because of...
Steve "the Sweater" Harper

i don't know what it is exactly, but stephen harper makes me want to projectile vomit. any sort of contact- a picture, the sound of his voice, anything - and the bile starts rising up in the back of my throat.

is it that ill-concealed contempt he seems to have for any and everyone who might disagree with him? the smugness with which he celebrates his breathtaking lack of literacy?

is it the lies?

or maybe it's the denials about the lies?

is it the cheap suits?
or is the pathetic warm fuzzy look that came out of his pre-election make-over?

maybe it's the appalling way he sucks up to anything american, pissing all over himself and this country in a pathetic effort to ingratiate himself with them in some small, sad way?
where would a guy learn something like that anyway?

lately, it's occurred to me it could be something darker... maybe he's an operative for some major american financial concerns, or a foreign government agency...

maybe it's some animal thing, like somewhere in the back of my brain, sub-consciously i know him to be one of those infamous lizards living under the surface to the earth (the tar sands?), or maybe he's an advance scout for some distant civilization that needs a new source of protein and sees all of us as their soylent green in a good way.

mostly, i think it's the way he has reduced the political processes in this country to the level of a sociopathic bully - making ignorance a virtue and lying a daily event. in the process, he degrades everyone involved in canadian politics, including the voters.

anyway, i'm not sleeping too well. for the first time in my life, i don't feel good about the future of the true north. this guy would sell us all out for a chopper ride to george's ranch for a BBQ and an autographed cowboy hat...

ps- for god's sake, for your children's sake, for your own self-respect.... please, get out there and vote!!!
bring this guy and his thugs down before we become the newest US protectorate, OK?

if you feel this way too, we are not alone....
check out:




and stay tuned to this station...

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