10 Things I Really Need

i waste acres of lifetime bumbling down all kinds of off ramps along the information highway of late, and finding myself in an odd place vis-a-vis my citizenship in our consumer society.

i come across things that i want but can't buy.
it's not my cash flow, which is the traditional obstacle between my desires and i, it's Time itself.

i want a case of ATOMIC EXTRA SELECTED,
and i want to light them all at once.

i want the real 7 UP.

i want toothpaste that makes me
want to brush my teeth like 10 times a day!

no more holy socks?
the wicked cool design is a great bonus.

a self-slicing pig?
oh hell yes.

and yes - a few cartons of Caskets, please.

which i will share with other smokers,
because i can show off my excellent new holder.

i want to go out tonight in my Be-Bop glasses.

but if we're talking true deep and abiding need,
a Normalizer is probably the thing.

but go ahead- look me in the eye
and tell me an Exploding Hand Grenade
is not a buck-o-fun...

and just to turn it up to 11,
i want to wear my Be-bop glasses and my unholy socks and my smokes and have a night out at the Magic Bar.



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