MK Brown... genius of funny

a long time ago, there was a very funny magazine called the National Lampoon. don't confuse it
with what has been done under that brand for
the last twenty-odd years - this was a very funny
bunch of people.

one of the things that made it so funny
was the comics. NatLamp, as we used to
call it, was the deep end of comic art.

Picking up on the underground heritage
of Mr. Natural, the Furry Freak Brothers
and others, NatLamp was where some
of most hardcore, original men and women
hit it every month...

in with Shary Flenniken, Gahan Wilson, rodriguez
and other stars, in June of 1972 in the issue
with the big Nixon nose appeared
a new name- MK Brown.

even in a context of extreme orginality,
MK Brown was not and is not like the others.

MK Brown didn't do the cheap laughs
or the easy joke. There was no ca-ca
or poo-poo on display.
Sometimes i wouldn't even laugh when
i first read them. i'd just go "hmmmm....",
but i'd find myself returning to them,
sometimes to laugh, sometimes just for
the quality of the language and singular beauty
of her illustrations.

and then there's this one... which is still
one of my favourite comics of all time.

here's a couple more...

if she was a waffle, i'd spring for the maple syrup.
if she was for breakfast, i'd get up on time.
if i'd never heard of her, i'd check her out pronto!

you can find a whole bunch of her work here
- highly recommended!

and more here!


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