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The more I do The Walking Zen, wandering all over the neighbourhood, the more I it's becoming an art gallery, changing and evolving. I used to "kind of" notice it once in a while but these days I'm noticing it a lot...
moving further and further afield, through places and parts of town that in some cases I've never been to before, at least on foot.

I'm starting to recognize some of the artists, and I'm posting my images to some of the Flickr groups out there. I'm looking at it in the context of so much other visual communication that's going on every time I walk down a street.

What is it around us that we find important to communicate? What information do we need to hold in common to stay out enough of each other's way that the day to day keeps rolling?

The graff is by and large well out of people's faces, unless you're working the dumpsters, maybe- or more frequently, are going there to tag or art the site up, or to look at it and marvel, in some cases....

There's a lot of stories out there, most expressed with a haiku economy. The tags are a kind of self-portrait, and the variety of styles, grace of the lines are amazing sometimes, alone, or in the context of others.

It's feeling like maybe it's time for me to jump in...
(originally posted April 02/08)

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