Tom Waits

"The Music was like Electric Sugar"


"I’ve always been a word guy,
I like weird words and I like
American slang and all that...
and words that are no longer
being used…

I like to drag them out of the box and wave them around…
this is an interesting one,
it’s amazing how in addition
to punctuation just a little pause
in the wrong place can
just completely transform
the meaning of something."

"Oh, I'm not a percussionist,
I just like to hit things."

"The big print giveth
and the small print
taketh away. "

"You can learn a lot
about a woman
by getting smashed
with her."

Cyber relationships have
the illusion of intimacy,
sometimes with the absence
of intimacy.

Is it better to have a conversation
in a café or on the telephone?"

"We are buried beneath
the weight of information,
which is being confused
with knowledge;
quantity is being confused
with abundance
and wealth with happiness.

We are monkeys
with money
and guns."



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