Muslims? What? Where?

this brilliant illustration kicks ass to the moon.

it's a perfect graphic illustration of why
a picture is worth a thousand words.

the wham-bam-thank-you ma'am mix
of what it is that's so amazing about
our American cousins on a good day
- ie -
almost 250 post-revolutionary years later,
there are still some people
for whom saying what is right,
doing what a truly sentient being might imagine

and then do.
people for whom speaking out loud and clear,
and smart
and funny
is a right.

a tradition.

a hope.

i mean like...lions and tigers and bears, oh my, OK, oi vey, i get it already!

it's not like i'm so naive that i thought building a Muslim community centre anywhere in the lower 48 wouldn't push some big red buttons for some of our American cousins...

but i did think that
founding fathers-wise, "freedom of religion" was pretty deeply embedded south of the border. 
cut and dried.
open and shut.
slam dunk.




stranger than fiction are the end days of empire...


...witness Mr. Beck and Ms. Palin babbling on "the virtues that have sustained America" as a prelude to why some of their fellow Americans should be excluded from the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

their unnatural gassing is so far beyond irony, it's toxic. toxic like the natural gas in shale.
like a McDonald's meal the next day.

the constitution is the road map here, isn't it? isn't it the essence of the whole  American project? isn't that the freedom that others are supposedly envious of?

isn't that why troops have been in harm's way, and fighting, and dying? for freedom?

seems to me if someone thinks these people should be forbidden to build a place of worship, they don't support the troops.



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