The Day to Day...

every day, i go visit my brother.

he's up on the top floor...
you see those two windows
with the blinds up,
beside the tree?

that's what his room looks like from down here,
in the smoking area.
it's not so much an "area"
as it is a legal loophole.

when you step inside, the first thing you see
is a Tim's. it's pretty busy most of the time,
but the line moves along pretty well.

usually, we'll get two medium coffees,
double double,
and a couple of plain doughnuts.


to get to his room, you go down
the hall from the Tim's...

...past the fracture clinic...

keep going, then hang a right
and keep going...

and keep going til you get to the tile art,
in front of the four elevators.

they're pretty fast,
so you won't have to wait long.

when you get in, press six.

...and when the elevator goes past 2 and 2 Rear,
try not to think too much about that movie
where the people are inside
John Malkovich's brain.

get off at 6...

and go past the tile art this time...

...and walk down the hall to number 10.

...if you get this close to the lights at the end
of the hall, you've gone too far.

go back three doors, and try not
to look in the rooms that aren't his.

it's harder than
you might think...

- tbc -


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