the Objects in mirrors

Sometimes space is not as glamorous as it looks from a small town on Earth. After an hour or so of routine valve maintenance, his suit was soaked in with his perspiration and exhalations and felt like a size too small. All he wanted from the universe now was a hot shower and few hours of sleep.

He waved to Jared and signaled his return to the portal, then he saw it again. He'd noticed the other ship maybe ten minutes ago, flashing chrome against the blackness of the stars. In galactic terms, it was on a collision course but by his human reckoning, it was more than fifty miles away - enough to make you curious, but nothing
to worry about...

He was nearly at the hatch when he saw it accelerating at an incredible rate. He blinked his eyes and suddenly realized it wasn't another ship... it was an M102 Remote area denial device, headed straight for his future.


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