Manly Reading for Men

They started turning up after World War Two,
and flourished for about 20 years or so. They
took the pulp magazine tradition of mystery
mags into strange new dimensions, where
people seemed to have a lot of sex.

Perhaps all that lust and humping was a
consolation for the awesome dangers that
lurked everywhere-
flesh-ripping weasels, nasty carnivorous turtles,
quicksand and a whole lot of leftover Nazis
that needed shootin'.

the atom bomb can't kill you?

punks in slaughter alley?

chewed to bits?

lusting she demons in Shanghai?

Hitler had a guitar?

the Volkstrum nymph squad?

yes, it's the original flesh-ripping weasels!

Calypso -pornography in sound?

Tehran's love-markets!

Virgin haters?

crazy hippie chicks?

Hitler had baboons?


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