It's winter!

 Nothing says winter like the first snow.

The forecast says
maybe up to 48 inches
by the weekend...

with some sort
of slush interlude
en route...


In a small town, 
you stay on top
of these things.

Or else.


It's been really quiet
for about 2 weeks...

a wonderful silence
settled when the last leaf blower
and the last chain saw 

got put away...

...til today, when I encountered
my first high-performance  


They are something like
the muscle cars 
of the sixties.




Here comes The Judge.

Without the chrome.

Without the laquer.

Without the upholstery.

Without the mufflers.

Without the road.

The other great thing 
about snow
is that it's all
about the bright. 

If there's light, you get it twice.  

And when the dark starts 
coming on by 3 
in the afternoon, 
that counts.

I'm counting the days until the winter solstice.


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