Walking in Beauty

I've always liked winter. The snow simplifies
the landscape, and it conjures a sense
of peace in me, and thoughts seem
to flow with a grace that echoes
the lines of the snow against
the rock and the sky.


There is a sense of time in snow-
the present is very much here now.
In its quiet way, it insists one consider life
in another way. Care and attention must
be given to something as simple as taking
the next step down the road.

It can, if you let it, give a new level
of appreciation to fundamental elements
of life - blessings perhaps? - like having
enough food in the house, and how fine
it is to be warm inside.


As insubstantial as it can seem
in your hand, or on your tongue
as it melts, there is history in the snow.

It holds the memory of every thing
and every one who passes. Sometimes
it comes as a shock, day by day,
these reminders that we share this place
with birds, squirrels, rabbits, fox, deer,
wolves and even moose...

As the days grow shorter and nights
get long, I'm glad that the snow
is there reflecting every ray
of light again and again...

In those hours when no one is running
a snow blower or racing around on a skidoo,
there is also a deep and wonderful silence
on the land...a deep reflective pool that
is like a skinny dip for the spirit-
cleansing, restorative and
constantly refreshing....


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