new web wet spot

hmmmm... is that title catchy enough
to make a few bots horny?
it's just one more tawdry try at turning
up on radar somewhere from time to time.
given what could best be called a rather
challenged level of understanding of the
million whys and wherefores of SEO
and most other contemporary code
conversations, i fall back on absolutely
primal fundamentals and an ongoing faith
in in a truly chaotic and certainly
complex universe.

i don't know if there is a scale or rating
system for "online efficiency". if there is,
i don't want to know. on it's best day,
efficiency is thin soup as an approach
to getting anything done and if it's not
informed by other equally important concepts
like morals, ecology and joy, it's more
trouble than it's worth.

if you don't believe me, ask around.

the web's greatest asset is that
it's a mess.

minimal structure.

open source.

the web's biggest weakness
is all the people
who aren't
on it.


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