Keep Calm and Carry On

...words to live by anytime, but especially true perhaps when one is facing an armed invasion
by Nazis.  this simple, classic-looking poster
was developed by the British government
when England was facing just such a possibility in the early days of World War Two.

... this poster now seems beautifully retro,
both as a piece of design and as a reminder
of the whole idea of the 'stiff upper lip' that characterized Britain during it's last great days
as a world power...

it was rediscovered in 2000,
and since then has been remixed
into a wide range of variations on a theme...

... translated into terms that some feel
are more relevant to the times
we're living in today....

a pun...

... and other even more telling examples
of the shifts in attitudes, beliefs and expectations that characterize life in the new millenium...



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