What's the Difference?

There are a lot of things that make
the USA very 'special and unique",
as we used to say...

I've lived near the border for much
of my life, and inevitably soaked
up a lot of American information.

I've also eaten a lot of good food there,
heard some great music, had some fine liquor and met some brilliant eloquent people.

One of the things that makes the USA
so different from a lot of countries
is that when push comes to shove,
there are (really) only two political parties. 
I've often wondered about that over the years... 

One of the things I've wondered is whether
or not this is what has led many Americans
to fetishize the difference between
these two parties - so it would seem like (a) there really was a BIG difference and (b) choosing between what seems, from a distance, to be two virtually identical parties could assume the dimensions of a spiritual crusade.

Then the other day, I came across
this info graphic about taxation
under Bush, and under Obama...

I don't think it explains everything,
by any means, but if one's looking
for differences it's never a mistake
to follow the money...



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