it was another stupid day

it was another stupid day.
out the dirty windows, thick grey
clouds slid by on an ill wind as far
as the i could see.

thru the walls, the  neighbour lady's
voice damned her kids again.
as near as he'd ever been able to determine, their names
were Shut-up and Fuck-off.

stumbling into the kitchen,

the smell of last night's take-out
tried to come between him
and the coffee maker, but need prevailed.

a moment later, it was spitting
dark and hot enough
into a cup. he lit the day's first
and stared across the way
at the next tower block,
wondering who was staring
back at him.

nothing had gone too wrong yet,
but it was only a question of time,
and opportunity.

barring divine intervention
on an unprecedented scale,
the omens were clear...

it was going to be another stupid day.

- tbc -


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