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Verbing [v.]    The process of transforming an innocent noun into a business verb.

Lucy Kellaway of the Financial Times

Daft New Names for Common Nouns, which goes to... the vice-president of Amazon Kindle, Ian Freed, who gets a silver medal for renaming books "reading containers".

firing people, the best of which came from a US bank that spoke airily of "bank-initiated departures".

a recent report from Ernst & Young the phrase "the up-skilling of the workforce"

the People's Republic of China, which has taken a great leap forward in guff. In a yellow box at the bottom of its new Five Year Plan, it declares: "Facing the future we are standing at a new historic starting point."

banks don't have 'bad loans' or 'bad debts';
they have 'nonperforming assets'
or 'nonperforming credits'

are these words to live by?

- revolutionize out-of-the-box synergies

- orchestrate killer methodologies

- transform dot-com functionalities

- deliver mission-critical infrastructures

- revolutionize innovative deliverables

did you say any of these in the past 24 hours?

strategic partnerships

core competencies

business-process outsourcing (BPO)

driving achievement tools

improving system outcomes

creating capability

managing across the matrix

"best practice"

"game changer"

low-hanging fruit"


    * career alternative enhancement program
    * career-change opportunity
    * dehiring staff
    * derecruiting resources
    * downsizing employment
    * employee reduction activities
    * implementing a skills mix adjustment
    * negative employee retention
    * optimizing outplacement potential
    * rectification of a workforce imbalance
    * redundancy elimination
    * right-sizing employment
    * selecting out manpower
    * strategic downsizing
    * vocation relocation policy


'Thank you for your note. We are assessing and mitigating immediate impacts, and developing a high-level overview to help frame the conversation with our customers and key stakeholders.

"Thanks for the impactful article; I especially appreciated the level of granularity. A high altitude view often misses the siloed thinking typical of most businesses. Absent any scheme for incentivitising clear speech, however, I'm afraid we're stuck with biz-speak."


A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: “When crews arrived they found a train that had stopped near by to the spot where the man’s body was found.  He had suffered injuries incompatible with life.”


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