cursing the Fig tree

If there's a bad time to get hungry on tour, it's that moment when talent and crew are finally in once place and finally nearly ready to go.

It's a stressful time: the responsible people are on the
verge of whining about the sleepyheads, while the sleepy heads stumble in semi-conscious, and grumpy, in that way the guilty so often are...

Just as "All About the Galilee" is finally ready to blow the rat-infested, dusty hole known as Bethany, the Lamb of God announces he's hungry, and wanders off in search of figs. Muttering prayers under his breath, Peter follows at a respectful distance and for the lack of anything better to do, the other disciples follow him.

Jesus sees a fig tree and heads towards it, but the situation is actually bad and getting worse. The Nazarene's blood sugar levels are low and getting lower and he's less than thrilled by Peter and
the others stalking him.

Concern is writ large upon their faces - they cannot imagine this
ending well, because Figs are not actually in season just now.


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