Worst Inventions in History #24

it's the dawning of a new occasional Rat's feature!

Worst Inventions in History #24

Take a dump in my life. Please.

Leave whatever it is with me. You don't have
to wait for it to be something important, silly! Any little thing that's on your mind is important to me , too.

And seriously, talk for as long as you feel like, because i don't just want to know you called -
i want to know simply everything about why!

For optimal results, call when you're doing something else, like weeding your email or when your blood sugar is going into negative integers... that rambling 'um... oh yeah' thing you do then
is super-cute.

Don't forget to say your phone number really,
really fast -
replaying that part 10 times trying
to figure it out is the best
game ever!


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