BP Oil all over the Gulf

It's been almost two months since crude oil started gushing into the Gulf of Mexico. No one seems to know how much oil is being released every day, or how far it is going to spread.

What has become clear is that BP lied about the potential for disaster, and that they don't really have clue one about how to deal with it...

It's a horrible thing to watch, even from a great distance. Part of the horror is knowing that there are more of these installations off-shore all around the world.  


Were all of the drilling proposals based on half-truths? 

Do any of them have a working "off" switch?

Meanwhile, oil companies are lobbying all the time for right to drill more holes off more coasts...

... and meanwhile, the oil continues to "leak", and the oil continues to "spill", and the oil continues to gush out of the earth, and into the Gulf...

 - to be continued -


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