In Other World Cup Action....

... no one is more surprised than me
to find me giving a damn
about another sporting event. 
nonetheless, the World Cup
has turned up big in my mirror.
i even bet $10 on proline
and lost badly.

it's nice to have a thing outside
the day-to-day with my crazy
old man we can both just swear
at and have a beer to...

it's pretty interesting, really. 

i had no idea there was
so much opera in it.

and when you've grown up
trying to score on a net
that's 4 feet high and six feet wide,
it takes a while to appreciate how someone could miss a net
that's 24 feet wide
and 8 feet high.

it's great to see so many people in Africa, and all over the world, rejoicing every day.

it beats thinking about the fait accompli of the G8/G20 billion dollar weekend too...especially when it's just up the road from here, and just down the road from here...

and the Gusher in the Gulf
BP situation was kind of eating
my brain. and it will still
be happening after
the World Cup.



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