the BP oil spill leak in the Gulf

I can't stop thinking about this 
ongoing disaster . It seems like 
every day, the estimates get 
bigger and bigger and bigger 
on just how much oil has been 
gushing into the sea.

I'm not even sure if it's a good 
thing that I can still be surprised 
by the lies, or outraged by 
the stupidity of it.

Part of me is still back at "what do 
you mean there's no "off" switch"? 

How do you spend all that money 
on drilling a hole with out making 
sure you can't turn it off?

How do you justify making all 
that money selling crude oil 
without making sure something 
like this doesn't happen?

It's been two months now. 
All that's clear is that these people 
did not have - and still do not have - 
clue one about how to deal with this. 

I keep hearing John Lennon's voice,
singing "How do you sleep?"

- to be continued -

Gulf oil slick crude BP leak spill disaster


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