at the Dunking pond

As they pressed down on the long shaft, the old woman rose from the surface, sputtering, hacking and dripping pond water.

"Have you something you wish to say to us?" asked brother Jonathan, to which the old woman replied "the best part of thee ran down thy bitch-mother's leg in the stall when she lusted with a boar".

Brother Jonathan looked to brother Thomas and nodded. They eased back on the bough and the old woman sank once again beneath the surface of the pond. They watched as the surface bubbled briefly and then calmed.

As they pressed back down and she rose, and hacked again for her air, Thomas turned to Jonathan and said "I have a question, brother".

"Then ask away" Jonathan responded, as they relaxed their grip and once again, the old woman sank into the pond.

"I cannot recall whether her floating means she's the devil's harlot, or a child of God" said Thomas "which is it, my brother?"

There was a hush, and then suddenly "Shit! "Shit" said Jonathan again, leaning hard on the shaft as though the might raise her up himself "shit, shit, shit....".


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