the fifth of July

It was with the greatest regret that the Department of Homeland Security announced that contrary to popular belief, the United States of America no longer wanted anyone to give them their poor huddled masses, whether they were yearning to be free or not.

They were very clear that no wretched refuse, regardless of which shore they were currently teeming  on, were eligible for entry to the USA until further notice, and when on to add that in fact the USA currently had a large surplus  of homeless - both tempest-tost and 'regular'.

Response to the announcement ranged from enthusiastic agreement to muted dissent. A group of anarchists, known as the Liberty Kidz, responded by stealing the plaque bearing the poem "New Colossus" with a promise to keep it until such time as America was a free country again.

The French government responded by asking for their statue back, but when President Obama replied simply "make me", the issue went to sleep with the fishes.


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