Another Harper Conservative Moment...

One of the few personal upsides of living under the Harper junta is that decoding the news becomes very, very simple. If Governor Harper thinks something is a good idea - like say, the recent CopFest here for the G8/G20 posse - I can look at a long history of his ideas and work back from the downside vis-a-vis "how f***ing lame/stupid/dangerous/anti-Canadian is that?"

His recent announcement of "our" new Governor-General is another case in point. The last two GGs were, in my humble opinion, amazing people who rejuvenated the post into something useful and inspirational. 

No matter how much of a smarmy, fake-o, pompous, creepy sanctimonious jerk Mr. Harper might be, at least there were these smart, sensitive, literate women representing a Canada I could feel proud of...

I don't know much about the new guy... but I do know that if Mr. Harper thinks it's a good idea...



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