Funkytime in the 416


Well, the G20 event was something, eh? It was quite the billion dollar weekend. I've been on a few marches at a few demos over the years, including the "battle" in Seattle and I was glad to watch this one from a few hours north of the Greater Toronto Metro whatever. 

There were a lot of surprising moments during CopFest Toronto, but none greater than the realization of a new, highly active national political coalition in Canada?

Who'd a thunk that the hardest of the Hard Left would be all the way there to pull Mr. Harper's Christian hard-right's bacon out of the fire?

... Just when it seemed like blowing all that money, and screwing up the lives of so many people up in "cottage country" and downtown Toronto, and negatively impacting so many businesses might hang off Steve like a bad smell from here to eternity - or at least the next election - suddenly a couple of hundred alleged anarchists step up and make him a hero.

Naturally, these losers think they are really something- heroes of a revolution that only exists in their activist imaginations. They are as far from the "vanguard" as one can be. The Black Bloc are the best friends that the worst kinds of cops could ever have.

This doesn't mean they are ineffective, though. Just ask Mr. Harper. Thanks to them, he'll probably be back... with a majority.


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