Drugs on the Cover - A Terrible Beauty


As old school as it probably is, books still set my bar when it comes to inter-active media. Books and live music top my charts.They float my boat. Make my day. They also kick digital ass.

Reading a book not only requires your attention, 
it demands your imagination.

"Thinking outside the box" didn't seem to be a big issue until people started spending most of their waking hours staring into one.

The computer. 

The TV. 

The windshield. 

What passes for interactivity inside the box to me 
requires all the creativity and intellectual rigour of a rat in a lab cage slapping a bar for a food pellet.

Hmmmm... would I rather read a book or stare into a box and type, or press a button 
on a console really, really fast?

The other thing is this. If you don't read,
you can't write... and for me, if you don't read 
and can't write, you can't think beyond.

Another thing I really like about books
are the covers...and they were never cooler than in the great days of pulp fiction.

When I look at these covers, 
I think to myself "I'd hit that".


to see more of these gorgeous covers,
their collection is amazing,
and there's excellent links to more...


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