are we There yet?

Thirty-seven days later, the skies were still dark and the rain still fell. The wind whipped waves up as far as the eye could see and yet all on board were glad it was there- otherwise, the
stench of the drowned bloated dinosaurs would have overpowered even the strongest stomach.  

The Ark pitched to and fro like cork, and most of Noah's family had been seasick for weeks. Inevitably, any number of animals had gone unfed or watered and this led to a number of extinctions, including some of the more beautiful birds and butterflies.

Some had given up the ghost of natural causes and others were consumed by shipmates further up the food chain. Those still clinging to life were terrified - they whinnied, whined and warbled their fears day and night, night and day.

Noah began to wonder if the Lord had really thought this one all the way through.


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