Political Irony Demotivators

well, despite my best intentions, i started reading the news again and big surprise, it bugged me...

first up was this beautiful moment of protest
as our new Conservative Government kicked off
it's first session...

Brigette DePape, a student who'd been working
as a page in our Senate, created this Kodak moment

as the session opened. Needless to say, there followed
a mad clicking of tongues and as we speak
the security arrangements are under review!

Coming on the heels of a session where our Conservative Government had been formally censured for Contempt Of Parliament- a first
in parliamentary history by the way - i found the clucking insufferable...

Brigwette's perspective on here actions
can be found right here


a few days later, i was reading about Obama's budget and the protest from the head of Homeland Security about how $43.7 billion bucks just wasn't going to get the job done...

...it got me thinking about the poem on the plaque on the base of the Statue of Liberty...

...which led to:


if you're not Canadian - or even if you are - these next two might not register, so briefly...

Jacques Parizeau is a rabid separatiste who
thinks the province of Quebec should be an official Country, separate from the official country of Canada.

...when the second official referendum on this
was held in Quebec and was defeated, he blamed it on "outside money" and the "ethnic vote" -ie - people of colour...

now 81 years old, he's been sounding off lately
in the news about it all (again)....

...as in the American South, this all goes back
to a war- if there's a difference, it might be that in the case of Quebec, the big battle in question was fought (won, lost, etc) in 1759, not 1865.

like the American South, there are still
any number of weenies who have not moved on...


and just this week, our new Contemptuous government has taken issue with locked out
postal workers and striking airline workers across Canada...

and the beat goes on.


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