better than an MBA

It was an idea so simple as to be redolent of genius. When you buy your ganja from Louie, half an hour later one his guys brings it right to your door, along with a free pizza. Cash or VISA?

Soon, Louie was the king of pizza, uptown and down. Rather than set up his own chain, he licensed his idea to existing pizzerias in selected neighbourhoods. He brought his concept and his personal promise of market exclusivity within clearly defined boundaries.
His new partners paid him a percentage on every delivery and bought their ganja peroducts from Louie's sales reps.

The accounting was simplicity itself. When his licencees purchased their drugs, they also purchased the appropriate number of pizza boxes with which to make their deliveries. Beyond the 100% mark-up in price, there was nothing special about the boxes except they had Louie's picture on them.

His sales rep made occasional spot checks at the pizzerias, and on a whimsical random basis, follow drivers making deliveries and make sure everything was kosher. They did the same with competitors in their districts, and soon established a reputation for their aggressive defence of intellectual property whose idea of a "hostile takeover" usually involved glocks and gasoline.


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