Do cel phones eat your brain?

well, good golly me!

it seems they might.

according to a recent review*
of the scientific studies**,
it's possible that the more one chits
or even chats on one's cel phone,
the better the odds that you may
be burning your personal hole
in your personal ozone layer.


ie - you might be growing
your own brain tumor.

...or not.


cel phones - like cigarettes in your brain?

disclosure/disclaimer moment

i have a well-rounded portfolio of vices,
bad habits and lifestyle choices,
so i don't tend to jump on other peoples'.

as it happens, i don't have a cel phone,
but i did have one in a previous life.
i appreciate that they have their uses
as well as their excesses.
they can be helpful and even save lives.

i can totally understand
why people choose to have one.


that said, let's not plead naivete, OK?

in choosing to get a cel phone,
one is not just "opting in"
for dependency issues,
one is actively pursuing them.


i don't care, really.


it's not like i don't love people.

some of my best friends are people.

...but if anything is predictable in this crazy,
mixed-up world, it's


it wouldn't have mattered
if that
report says cell phones
probably cause brain tumors.


addicts play the percentages.

addicts live in denial.

smokers do it.
governments do it.
obese people do it.
insurance companies do it.
long boarders do it.

it's always going to be "the other guy"
that gets it. not you.



anyone who thinks that people
might un-cell at this point is just stupid.

it's a fait accompli.
a done deal.


...still, if there is a danger,
people have a right to know.

i have a couple of suggestions for packaging
based on a proven precedent:




...of course, microwaving your brain
may not even be the biggest problem.


>there are almost a billion cell phone addicts on the planet now, and a typical user
every 18 months.
>>it's estimated that 1 in 10 addict recycles
their old one - ie
90% just throw them 'away'.

>>>mobile phones and accessories contain: cadmium, lead, nickel, mercury, manganese, lithium, zinc, arsenic, antimony, beryllium, and copper.

all of which are toxic.

none of which biodegrade.

all of which bioaccumulate.

ingesting any or all of these enters
your name in the big draw for some of the most horrible ways a human can die...

whether you use a cell phone or not.

now visualize half a billion cell phones every year getting 'thrown away', and leeching these metals into our groundwater.

vayas con dios.


* by people who don't work
for cel phone companies.

by people who don't work
for cel phone companies.

the LA times

the New York Times

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