backstage at the Mount

There would always be disciples at his feet while Jesus sermonized, listening to his every word but rarely all of them at once. It might be The Sermon on the Mount to the punters out front, but for the disciples, it was one more show on the "All About Galilee" tour and Himself was nothing if not consistent in his messaging...

It wasn't like "you've heard one sermon, you've heard them all" or anything, but certainly once you'd heard 10 or 20, you'd certainly caught the jist...

Peter and Matthew, of course, would be front row centre every time. Others, though, might go grab a falafel and check out the maidens, or just take a walk til it was time to pass the bread or maybe
help a leper up front.

And so it came to pass one day that Thomas was out walking with Simon the Zealot when Simon became very agitated. He pointed at a bush saying "Look Thomas, look at that bush! It's burning, man, it's on fire. It's a message from God!".

"I doubt it" Thomas said slowly, as he turned to the shrub in question, "I really do..." and sure enough, it wasn't. Simon was just tripping...


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