learning the Ropes

When he started working at Consolidated Holdings, Phil had been a little worried. It was a big company, and on his first day of work, everywhere he looked, people were rushing about and seemed to be working very hard. For a kid from the
wrong side of Poughkeepsie, it was both exciting and intimidating.

Inspired by it all, he approached his in-basket each day like a hungry wolverine, determined to clear it in an hour. He promised himself to respond to every email and phone call within five
minutes. Much to his delight and frankly, his surprise, this proved to be easy and so it came to pass that every morning, long before lunch time, he had nothing to do...

The only problem was his co-workers - they started turning up at his desk, hoping to pass along a task or two of their own and they did not take rejection well. By the end of his first week, Phil had learned to keep the phone to his ear and from time to time, mumble earnestly into the dial tone.


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