Beyond the page

It was as though the words on the page were speaking to her, whispering in a soft soothing
that only she could hear. The book was
telling her the story, and she could see the hero dancing with
his graceful lady fair right there
before her eyes.

She was dimly aware of her schoolmates  around her, whispering and giggling and touching her sleeve. Why weren't they watching the dancers? They were so very lovely together.

It didn't occur to her that they couldn't see
the dancers, because Leticia-May was baked. Royally blitzed. She was roasted, toasted, buzzed, bombed and zonked. It wasn't the first time she'd
tripped the light fantastic at the academy, but this was some good shit.

She was totally gonzo, in the nicest possible
way and as Sister Rosinna stormed angrily down the aisle towards her, she felt no fear.


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