Another Thing I Don't Get

OK, so back in the 60s I was actually
pretty into cars... mostly American muscle cars,
and racing cars, but also some of the Euro rides
like Lotus and Porsche and such.

Japanese cars?

Not so much, because they looked like this:

and this...

and they sounded pretty iffy
when you slammed the door.

No thunk, if you know what I mean...

Still, it being the 60s and all, there were great dreams about what the future was going to bring us, and Japanese cars were no exception.

This is what the dream cars looked like
in Japan in 1969:


Pretty futuristic, eh?

So OK now it's like 40 years later,
and we're living in the future,
and the cars look like this:

and this...

and this...

What the hell?

What happened to that groovy looking future?

How did we end up in a world full
of grey bulge-mobiles with all
the personality of used gum?

What a rip.

- 30 -


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