Canada's Training Mission

Every time I think that Stephen Harper
and his mighty finger puppets have finally
settled on the bottom of the social septic tank,
I am wrong.

It's not that he's breaking his promise to those serving, their families and every other Canadian who cares. The last few years are all the proof anyone needs that Stephen Harper is not
a man of his word.

His promises mean nothing - they never have,
and they never will.

It's not even a surprise that he drops this little bomb right before he runs off to Portugal for the NATO meeting to get patted on the head by the people who made the decision for him.

But what kind of sick is it to drop that bomb...
"oh yeah, by the way... Afghanistan? we're staying"... right around Remembrance Day?

Feel the love? Smell the glove.


Leaving aside quaint notions like human decency and honour, there's still the question of "Is this stupid? Is this bullshit? Is it both?"

He says this is a Training Mission. He says it's different, because our troops will not be going
into combat. Our troops will be staying "behind
the fence"


So 1,000 Canadian military men and women are going to stay in a war zone, but they can't fight in the war. I bet they're feeling super good about that one, sir.

It should be great for morale and I'm sure it will help them bond with the soldiers from other countries who will be there. Fighting. In the war.

You have to wonder how he ever got the Taliban and the tribal leaders to agree to this.

But one has to wonder how it is one trains new recruits to fight in a war from
"behind the fence"...

...and just how seriously those recruits take the word of a teacher who stays behind when it's time for the rubber to hit the road.

It doesn't add up. It doesn't make any sense. How did we end up with such a sad excuse for human being running our lives?



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