Watching The Electives...

i'm not sure which is more depressing-
watching the results of the US mid-term elections come in, or the lack of surprise at what those results are turning out to be...

it's a cold comfort, really, to know
that politics in America have not
changed substantially since 1919,
if this comic from back then
is anything to go by...

if anything, things are even worse now.
can we take this classic retro
paranoia piece...

... and substitute the word "liberal"
for "communist"?

Yes, We Can!

have things changed much
since Frank Zappa was alive?

sadly, the answer is No.

i can understand why some people
in the USA are worried about their
country's financial situation...

what i don't understand is why so many
of them are so disinterested in
identifying those responsible
for that situation...

Fiscal Year     President        Party         Federal Debt Increase
1978–1981     Carter         Democratic     -0.4%
1982–1985     Reagan       Republican                    49.0%
1986–1989     Reagan       Republican                    40.2%
1990–1993     Bush           Republican                    32.7%
1994–1997     Clinton       Democratic                    13.2%
1998–2001     Clinton       Democratic     -0.2%
2002–2005     Bush 2        Republican                    22.8%

...could it be as simple as watching
the wrong television programs?




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