night walking

so i took a break from hanging out
with my brother on the oncology ward
and went into the big city
to see some friends this week.

they're in a band called Delhi 2 Dublin
from Vancouver.

it had been a while since i'd been
to a club, and way too long
since i'd heard live music,
so i was really up for it.

the place was packed...

their music is a mash-up of bhangra,
celtic, electronica and hip-hop
with some metal edges...

it was great - a really fun, positive set
where the beats just kept on coming.

it was great to see them,
and hear how their music's been evolving.

i was really glad i went, but i was also
reminded that the big city
is still a challenge
for me.

it's so much information!!!
the noise and the lights and the words
everywhere adds up to a lot of input.

it makes my brain go way too fast,
and scrambles up my thoughts
unless i take steps to deal with it.

so i usually plug in my earbuds
and keep the music coming...
i take out my camera
and i walk.

the hospital gets pretty intense,
so it was great to get and about,
see some friends, hear some great music
and wander a few streets that

i don't have committed to memory.

it was also good to get home.

- 30 -


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