Sarah Palin's Grizzly cubs

... so it seems that the uber-Grizzly
has raised up some fierce cubs.

Here's  a couple of pages of the recent Facebook rant from daughter Willow....

If this tickles your prurient interests, as it clearly did mine, there are pages and pages more of this fascinating conversation up here on the Huffington post.

Aside from the Palin factor, it's actually an interesting look at how modern teens discuss ideas and issues and issues on Facebook, and an interesting example of how language is used in a digital environment.


a word of caution though, girls...

Not so long ago, there were a couple of other presidential spawn who were a little wild and crazy, in a "growing up special" kind of way.

...remember Jen and Barbara?

It was all just fun and games, for sure.
Nothing too far beyond the pale...

but all of a sudden they were just kind
of ......'gone', 


No more scandals.

No more problems.

...just an occasional public appearance where they they behaved themselves before they went off radar again.

Who knows what happened?

Drugs? Lobotomies? Grounded? House arrest? Water-boarding?


There's a lot at stake in a presidential situation, girls. There are people who have a lot riding on it, and some of them aren't very nice.

History shows us no one is immune.

History has also shown us that the little black dress is very camera-friendly.

... and somewhere somebody's done the math
on how many votes something like a "snowmobiling accident" or a "hunting accident" might be worth*...


All I'm saying, ladies, is "be careful out there".

* plus or minus 3 points, 19 times out of 20...

- 30 -


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