Bottled Water - it's all about the 'duh'.

maybe it's 2012 coming on.

maybe it's a zeitgeist thing.

maybe it's a side effect
of my medication.

whatever it is, i find that things
bug my butt even more now than
when i was a troubled adolescent.

one of those things
is bottled water.

when it first came out,
it struck me as (a) pretentious
and (b) stupid.

i was living in vancouver,
where it rains a lot, and which has
some of the best drinking water

on the planet.

back then, i just thought
it was
the signifier of a mildly
annoying trendy dumbass.

i never dreamed it would
ever catch on.


unfortunately, it did.

big time.


if the thought of water as a business
is not an abomination in the eyes

of the god of your choice,

then what is?

we are water.
water is us.

if paying the kind of mark-up
inherent in a bottle of water
doesn't make you an idiot,
what does?

if bottled water isn't an eco-crime,
what is?

these info-graphics present
some pertinent facts

in a colorful, accessible fashion.

the recycling rate for water bottles
is 23.4%, which means 66.6%
are not recycled.

by one estimate, approximately
50 billion bottles of water
are consumed per annum in the US
and around 200 billion bottles globally.[4]

which means in one year,
approximately 30 billion water bottles
per annum in the U.S.
and around 125 billion bottles globally
are left lying around.[4]

...or floating around,
as the case may be...



but what's this...

a ray of hope?


it can be hard to reduce
one's ecological footprint
in this world.

it's not easy to live without a car,
or flying on a plane somewhere...

but this?

save money. save the earth.
don't buy bottled water...
on any level.



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