Mapping America

it's interesting to look at statistics
and look for patterns.

if you're bipolar,
it's practically compulsory.

in my experience,
pattern recognition aka connecting dots
is one of the things my brain
seems wired up to do...

Wall-marts in the US

Passport ownership in the US

...now that we're oriented,
check this out:

IQ levels by state

2004 presidential voting in the US

Over/under median family income (red = under)

this third red and blue
is a pivot point, i think

Annual beer consumption in the US

Per capita wine consumption in the US

Marijuana usage in the US

Religious faith in the US

H1N1 mortality rate in the US

what's interesting about this one
is that the mortality rates are inverted.
the highest rates should not be
in the least populated areas.


- more to come -


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your iq map is totally incorrect. The real number one is Montana.