the Big Rapture rip-off

well, the big day came...and the big day went.

Harold Camping promised - and not for the first time - that on May 21st The Rapture was coming in full effect...

a lot of people believed in what he said,
and were really counting on him!

...others were cautiously optimistic,

or perhaps opportunistic
might be a better word.

a lot of Christians are really into the whole Rapture thing. some might say the whole belief structure is predicated on it.

and The Waiting has been going on
for a couple of thousand years...

Mr. Camping is not the first to predict
the arrival of the Rapture. it's actually
a pretty common event among self-proclaimed prophets. 

Mr. Camping has already set out
another Rapture date for later this year-
one can safely assume that if that one
doesn't come through, he'll come up
with another one.

how is this not an indicator
of a mental illness?

how is this any different
from yelling "Fire!"
in a crowded theatre?

i don't know.

- 30 -

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