more fun with Vegans

it's that time again!

time to take a moment
in this hurly-burly
and laugh at Vegans
for a minute.

i don't much care
what consenting adults do or don't
in the privacy of their own homes,

but when people take their lifestyle choices
too seriously,
they tend to take themselves
too seriously, too.

i was raised to believe
that when someone invites you
into their home for dinner,
you eat what they put before you
and you thank them...

years later,
i still think this way,
but it's a point of view that has
been in decline for a long time.

i blame Vegans for the death
of the Dinner Party,
and i lament the passing
of that wonderful social custom.

they are what my mother
would call "picky eaters"
and fair game for any ridicule
that might come their way.

besides, Vegans do it too...
they just tend not
to be very funny.

ha ha!

ha ha ha!



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