Jonah & the whale (2)

out of the Blue sea
So it was that Jonah found himself in the belly of the beast, up to his knees in gastric juices and decomposing fish, and he began to pray. He told the Lord how sorry he was and how if the Lord saw fit in His infinitely wise way to save him, Jonah would go to Nineveh. He would go directly to Nineveh, passing not even Go and he would spin unto them whatever the Lord wanted for as long as the Lord wished.

For three days and three nights, Jonah prayed like a #*&%@?*%#ker, for even though he knew he was on hold, he knew also that his call was important unto the Lord.

Eventually, the Lord stopped laughing and decided this was one chosen person who now knew who his Daddy was- and it came to pass that the fish that might have been a whale barfed Jonah unto a beach.

Bathed as he was in bile, hungry and wet, still Jonah knew that this situation sucked infinitely less, and so he raised himself to his knees and gave thanks unto the Lord for his deliverance.


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