Jonah & the whale (1)

into the Blue sea
The Lord told Jonah, son of Amittai, to go to the city of Nineveh to testify against the great wickedness in that city. But after the Lord left, Jonah reflected on how many bad hombres were there and he thought unto himself "that's just not going to happen".

So it came to pass that in Jaffa, he boarded a boat headed in the opposite direction and all was cool until a there was a major weather event and all abord were sore afraid. It could have just been a coincidence, but the sailors opted to err on the Yahweh side and threw Jonah into the sea. While Jonah freaks out, they have a barbeque and invited the Lord to help himself.

As His blood sugar levels improved, the Lord decided he would cut Jonah a little slack and lo, a giant fish... or maybe it was a whale... turned up. It opened its' vast mouth and as it swallowed him headfirst, Jonah again thought unto himself "Well, this kinda sucks".


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